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"Fraudulent LAFD Inspections: How Much Did the Mayor Know and When Did He Know It?" by Daniel Guss

@THE GUSS REPORT-One month ago my CityWatch article exposed how Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threw under the bus a veteran Los Angeles Fire Department Deputy Chief named John Vidovich (photo above) who actually did what he was supposed to do: improve public safety by exposing inefficiency and fraud among some, but more than a few, fire inspectors. Vidovich’s efforts caused fraudulent overtime to plummet (some inspectors are believed to have been paid more than $130,000 in annual overtime) and criminal behavior to be exposed so much so that the firefighter’s union stepped in with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash for Garcetti and members of LA City Council in a curiously timed, but alleged and unstated, quid-pro-quo donation to stop Vidovich.  I have since received scores of statements from Vidovich supporters alleging specific acts of fraud, including some that accuse the Garcetti-appointed LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas of knowing about the criminal activity but doing …